Why did I start up this blog?

21 06 2008

Japan is under a critical situation now.
Japan is weak to an information warfare and an advertising war for a long time. This is insular spirit. It is the influence that Japan has closed for 300 years or more.

“Silence” is virtue for the Japanese. We Japanese believes that the truth always must be understanding even if there are no words. However, it is peculiar common sense applied only by the Japanese.

In “the Battle of China” and “the Great Asian War”(“the Pacific War”), Japan had completely defeated at the information warfare.
The United States was completely deciphering a wireless communication and the code of Japan. All military information on Japan was known to the United States. Japan was kept defeating the war later term in all the fronts.

China cheated the world opinion by the propaganda of the lie “The Japanese armies are cruel”. But almost of the atrocities were done by The Chinese armies against their people.
Nanking Massacre is the most malignant propaganda.

South Korea keeps shouting a foolish lie “The origin of all Japanese cultures is South Korea” all over the world.

The war ended. However, China and Korea are making the plot that insults Japan come round in the world.

For instance, “Comfort woman statement” done in the United States is a result of the lobbying done by money of South Korea. “Nanking Massacre” campaign by Iris Chang is a plot to conceal the Tibet slaughter by the Chinese money.

I will announce Japan, and I will fights against information on the imitation, and the truth will be announced.

The truth in Japan will be known to the world, and Japan will establish an accountable position in the international society like 100 years ago.

That is the only way to pacify Asia and the world.