“Mainichi Daily News” lied again

20 08 2008

Mainichi Shimbun MDN “Mainichi Daily News” lied again!!

What is the newspaper?
The newspaper is a publication that reports the fact of the society.
When the truth is not told, it is not a newspaper.
It is just a political agitation bill.

Mainichi Shimbun was criticized by the fabrication reports that slandered Japan by sexual rumors.

After that, Mainichi Shimbun announced an apology sentence last month.
The summary is as follows.

・After having WaiWai become Web from paper, the check had become insufficient.
・A specific foreigner editor drove recklessly. Our Japanese editors did not know that.

However, when a net volunteer had excavated the newspaper of 11 years ago from the archive at the library in the microfilm, the famous “More moms going down” (by Ryan Connell in 2002) had already been published there.

【The in-house research of Mainichi Shimbun was also full of lies 】

The explanation article published in the Mainichi Shimbun was a false
Having published a perverted fabrication article for not only web but also newspaper at least from 11 years before came to light.

“It started when shifting to the web nine years ago. “
The insult Japan article had been obviously recorded from the age of
the paper at least 11 years ago.

“Because it was a web, the check system couldn’t work. “
The Japan insult article has already widely published for 11
years on the paper medium.

“A Japanese staff was not taking part. “
The Japan insult article had been published since the English
newspaper age where three Japanese staff existed.

“Small number of foreigner staff’s reckless driving”

The Japan insult article was published from the age of the English newspaper of a large household including 15 foreigners and 3 Japanese.

“Because it was in English, we couldn’t check it. “
The explanation of big Japanese that “mother in Japan raises son’s result by sex” is attached.

Evidence image

This is awful. Really, this is awful. The choice of Mainichi Shimbun remains only to abolition of themselves.




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