Ugly, angry Koreans’ bird slaughter

28 07 2008

What the hell is this?

Ugly angry South Koreans were gathered in front of the Japanese embassy. They slaughter pheasants (Japan’s national bird) with hammers on the flag of Japan, and ate the internal organs of the raw dragging out. It is too cruel.
After that, they prepared the photograph of the emperor in Japan and the prime minister, tore and burnt.

Thailand friends, how can you bear if you your king receive such insults?
British gentlemen, what do you think if the photograph of Her Majesty is burnt?
Korean is the most impolite people in the world, and the Japanese is the most patient people in the world.

Koreans are the troublesome. They are too barbarous, too low the people degree.
We can not understand each other.

This time, to what are they angry like this? It is a problem of Takeshima.
Takeshima is clearly historically a territory of Japan.
South Korea occupied this island in military power in the age of the government under a military dictatorship.

Japan is inviting South Korea to offer to International Court of Justice again and again.
However, because South Korea knows they will be defeated, they are ignoring our offer.

Please take care about the lies and violences of Koreans.

YouTube – Bird Slaughter Demonstration in South Korea (Kill nathonal bird of Japan)




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